Thursday, September 13, 2012

Start of something new.

Hi. It's the new me. I'm trying to be the new one. Let the old become memories. I leave everything behind. So, I'm don't need anyone who can change me. Only Allah SWT the only one who knows what I'm really feels and cared. Nowadays, I really can see who's always be there for me when I'm need them, who I'm to themselves. I've realized something, the more I change to be better, the more truthful I've deserve. And its open my eyes to see what is actually the truth about this world. Allah SWT open my eyes and hearts to see everything.

Bestfriend/ Friends doesn't always stay. Sometimes they'll always be there for us but sometimes they had their own problems. We can't blame them for not always be there for us. Somehow when you're feeling alone, try to spent your time with your family or friends. But, you'll never be alone actually because you've Allah SWT who always there, besides you.

Hi. I wish I was a wizard. All I need is a wand and Firebolt to fly like Harry Potter. And the most important is love. The true one. Love that come from the bottom of your heart.